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Kasumigaura Marathon 2016

When \\\\\\\"blustery\\\\\\\" wasn\\\\\\\'t even the right word. Read the race report here!

31st Marathon and my 6th Consecutive GCAM. Race report here.


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Wow, this has been a sapping week. Mileage is ultra low and the coffee didn’t seem to work on me. I felt so out of sorts that I called off Friday’s run, hoping that I’ll recover and freshen up for longer workouts today (Saturday) and tomorrow. We’re tentatively on to attend the Bon Odori celebrations [what’s Bon Odori] this evening and if we decide to brave the traffic jam and crowds, I hope to be able to make some photos and post them here. From the description of it on the Internet, Bon Odori has a more religious and cultural slant in Japan but from the photos I’ve seen, it tended to be more celebratory. I’ll be sure to soak it all in regardless.

  1. Opportunity Cost of Running
    I can’t remember if I’d stated my case about the rising cost of running. For sure, there’s been more than one discussion that went on in my friends’ Facebook page and their blogs. Since we already know the benefits far outweigh the investment in time and money, I won’t go down that road and sound like a broken record. All the same, I found this posting in RW Daily very interesting. It discusses about the opportunity cost of running in a manner that only Mark Remy could. You should also read the comments posted too.
  2. Mental Approaches to Ultras
    To associate or disassociate? iPod or no iPod? What goes on in your mind when your sanity is literally being pounded to smithereens in the course of an ultra? I’ve not run any to contribute my thoughts here but I sure can point you to a short post in IRF where you can get some ideas. I like the first point in the post.
  3. Photos From The Bangkok Unrest
    One of the war photographer/correspondent that I frequently follow is Michael Yon. From the battlefields of Iraq to Afghanistan I’m always captivated by the photos and stories from one who is embedded (on-the-ground). Recently  Yon covered some Bangkok unrest and he’s published many photos and his take on the events, which are what you don’t get from mainstream media. Head on to his blog to get the juice.
    Yon was also previously interviewed by Dave Warner in an episode of Lensflare 35. You can listen to that interview here.
  4. Trail Stewards
    A lot of work goes into the maintenance of the trails, making it accessible to bikers and runners. The efforts of these passionate folks ensure that people continue to enjoy the nature. Hats off to Pat Brundson, the Kiara Krew and the folks from Traks. For a writeup on the trails of Kiara, hit this link.  Meanwhile, check out the video below on the efforts of the trail stewards of the Highlands Sky 40-mile Ultra in West Virginia.


Still on the subject of trails, the Running Times website has a good collection of trail running articles. Head on here to read them.

Have a great weekend folks.

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