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Kasumigaura Marathon 2016

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31st Marathon and my 6th Consecutive GCAM. Race report here.


Incipio iPod Nano 6G NGP Wristband Case

When you already have a 2G iPod Touch, a 2G iPod Shuffle, an iPhone 4, you know that you’ve overstocked in the MP3 player-personal device department. But who can say no to a prize in the form of a 6G iPod Nano right? Such was the case when I received the touch screen 6th Generation iPod Nano from Nike Sales (M) Sdn Bhd [read about it here] last year. It was an iPod too many and I could find a better use for a watch than another iPod. I wear my Timex to work, nothing wrong in that (in fact I pride myself in wearing it since it’s true to the runner in me) amongst Mr Omega and company.

I began scouring the Internet for solutions and having read what some start ups and companies were exploring at that time, I discovered that Incipio, one of the large players in device accessories, were coming out with a casing for the iPod 6G and were getting feedback on the number of interested parties. In case you didn’t know, Apple has a knack of creating secondary accessory market for their product and the new Nano just can’t be beat in terms of flexibility. It may have a screen that’s too small for touch functions and photo viewing but converting it to a watch is just way too cool. You can default the screen to the clock and re-orientate the display to suit a watch configuration. Turns the wearer into an Inspector Gadget or Dick Tracy wannabe. I’m surprised the iPod is not called the iWatch!

Suitably intrigued, I pre-registered with Incipio and received a 25% rebate when the product was launched to the market. From the RRP of USD24.99, Shipping & Handling of USD7.99 and the rebate of 25% (USD6.25), the final price turned out to be USD26.73, an acceptable price for a watch.

Payment was handled by Amazon Payment since the Incipio website don’t link to Malaysian credit cards. Chronological of the transaction: Ordered Dec 31st, 2010, shipped Jan 7th, received Jan 17th – just 2 weeks after ordering which is a pretty good turnaround. The package arrived with the customs-inspected stamp on it, but otherwise in excellent condition. It was certainly packed with care with dual-layered wrapping and there was even a sticker on the package that it was “packed with pride”.

Unwrap the whole thing and that’s the casing in its transparent plastic box. There’s a set of basic instructions on how to mate the iPod to the casing to create the iWatch. A no-brainer 2-step action really.

As with all new devices, you need to sync it up to your machine afterwhich to charge it up for a minimum of 3 hours. I left the iPod tethered to my Mac overnight. The next morning, I paired them together and they look like this. You’ll agree that it doesn’t look anything like an iPod :) .

Flip it on its front and this is how it looks like – very simple. The device fits very securely within the casing, which appears to be made of tough resin. Incipio calls it their “award winning Next Generation Polymer material”. To me it just looks rugged and militarized. The casing itself is interchangeable (a few colour options are available) since the velcro strap is removable.

 Here are several photos of the side profiles

Left side of the casing with the volume and sleep/wake buttons

Left side of the casing with the volume and sleep/wake buttons

Right side of the casing with the earbud plug

Right side of the casing with the earbud plug

Compared to the Timex, it isn’t much bigger. Smaller than the Forerunner 205/305 with a slim profile makes it very wearable.

Old and new

Old and new

On the wrist, it looks like the soon-to-be-launched Nike+ SportWatch GPS. I can see a few uses already for this Incipio-iPod pairing. You now have the option to wear the iPod instead of clipping it to your apparel. You can still listen to music while working out in a safe environment (before you do that read this).
It’s not a perfect product mind you. It’s not waterproof and being a Timex wearer, I’ve to be mindful not to get it wet. It can also be improved upon since the charging port is totally concealed, preventing the use of the Nike+ wireless transmitter and charging of the iPod. I’d rather have a removable flap over the charging port so that the user need not take out the iPod for charging.
Calling Dick Tracy, come in Dick Tracy!

Calling Dick Tracy, come in Dick Tracy!

Captivated? Head on to Incipio’s website and order a piece for yourself. You’ll never see the iPod Nano for what it is again.

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