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Kasumigaura Marathon 2016

When \\\\\\\"blustery\\\\\\\" wasn\\\\\\\'t even the right word. Read the race report here!

31st Marathon and my 6th Consecutive GCAM. Race report here.


Asics Running Gait Analysis

Thanks to an invite by Kris Lee, Assistant Brand Manager of Asics Malaysia, I pulled the family along for the long drive to Pavilion, just so that I can have my running gait check. It’s not often one gets this chance and since Asics brought in this service to the country specially for the Penang Bridge Marathon, it was a to-do.

The gait analysis is available only for 2 days at the Asics Concept Store in Pavilion

You change into special bare bones shoes before you get into the next stage. Photo credit: Max Lim

Rubbers everywhere. Photo credit: Max Lim

Changed from the Skysensor to Mr Bare Bones. Photo credit: Max Lim

No dead mongoose around but urgh... Just joking, all my shoes don't stink, OK! Photo credit: Max Lim

A GoPro cam pointed at the rear of the treadmill ready to capture all our imperfections.


Andy Neo, Asics Product Specialist from Singapore gave some pointers before setting off. Photo credit: Max Lim

Here we go! Photo credit: Max Lim

Legs were OK despite the 28K in the morning. Wanted to run 2K just so that I clock a 30K day but I had to share the 'mill LOL! Photo credit: Max Lim

The software is pretty cool. The analyst is able to sync the videos (from 2 sessions), slow down/speed up the frame rates, measure the various angles. Photo credit: Max Lim.

"By barefoot running do you mean this?" Photo credit: Max Lim

A portion of my report

With Kris after the completion of my session.

The entire personal session took only between 15 to 20 minutes, over which I found out that my left leg crosses over my right on the backswing. Andy mentioned that this was due to a weak hip. The left foot was also found to be pronating. I also spotted the very annoying outward swing of my right leg as it moves forward after coming off the backswing. All these may not mean much but over the course of a marathon training or race, an injury may happen. At the very least, I could be running at a better efficiency. I personally don’t think the pronation is an issue with me – I pronate the same way on the 4mm Kinvara (I once videoed myself on the treadmill) and it hasn’t caused me any problems. Since there was time, I managed to get into the Hyperspeed and re-run the session. However I was already conscious on my movements and they registered on the computer with less exaggeration. Ideally, the explanation should come after both models of footwear are tested on the treadmill.

If I somehow progress to a more forward landing position i.e. mid or forefoot, the pronation “issue” if it was one in the first place would be a non-event. I’m more interested in correcting my form – both the cross over and outswing – than the pronation. Interested to find out for yourself on the unique way you run? Call the Asics Concept Store at the Pavilion (+603-21418838) to make an appointment. The RM120 fee includes Asics merchandise worth RM250 (cash voucher, Boston bag, Socks, lanyard) and only available till Monday August 27th.

A word of thanks goes out to Kris for inviting me to this rare event. It’s not often we get the treadmill treatment :) . Thanks also to Max for grabbing shots of me while I went through my session.

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