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Kasumigaura Marathon 2016

When \\\\\\\"blustery\\\\\\\" wasn\\\\\\\'t even the right word. Read the race report here!

31st Marathon and my 6th Consecutive GCAM. Race report here.


Skechers GOrun Ride 2 Nite Owl Review

Fall is finally in many parts of the world and major shoe companies are releasing weather resistant and high visibility versions of their popular models. Skechers chose the GOrun Ride 2 (GRR2) and GOwalk 2 to receive the photoluminescent (PL) treatment. According to Wikipedia, PL “describes the phenomenon of light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons”. From this you’d have correctly guessed that to activate the glow of the GRR2, you will need to expose the shoe to any form of light source – the stronger the exposure and longer the duration the better.The GRR2 retains largely its predecessor’s smooth and light ride traits, one which I very much like. Added to the fact that I do most of my runs in low light and dark conditions, this combo is too tempting to pass up.

Ideal weight for long runs.

Remove the sockliner if you prefer more “road-feel”.

As can be expected the GRR 2 Nite Owl is a very close replica of the GRR 2, with the exception of the upper mesh and of course the PL treated strips. Therefore I won’t talk much about the inherent characteristics except to point you to my review of the original GRR via the link below.

When Skechers Malaysia handed the GRR 2 Nite Owl to me, it was already too late to adopt it as my race shoe for the Men’s Health/Shape Night Run (race report). I wore the GOspeed aka GOmeb instead). The next opportunity came quickly enough when I felt confident enough to take it for a 24K first run in the Back 2 Endurance event. As recommended, I prepped the shoe by sunning it for a few hours the day before. The feel of the GRR 2 Nite Owl felt very similar to the original GRR (quick take here) and the shoe adequately absorbed the hard pavements of the Lake Gardens. However, the US9 prove to be slightly small, which is truly perplexing since I wear a similar size GRR. For some reason my toes were ramming the front of the Nite Owl and there were some measure of pain and discomfort that would result in some blisters under those nails.

Roughly how the glow looks like.

Noticeable scuffing of the foam in the heel area, undoubtedly due to the shuffling/scraping late into the marathon and compensation for the toe jamming which in return caused some gait change.

As if to prove that marathoners can be a little hard headed, I wore them again for the Putrajaya Night Marathon (race report) albeit with thin socks. I noticed that the glow lasted for about 4 hours after 6 hours of light exposure during the day. Pretty decent return. I’ve since logged over 100K (including long runs of 24, 42 and 30Ks) in the GRR 2 Nite Owl and other than the personal sizing issue, I’ve nothing against the shoe. Go half a size up for me, and the problem will be solved. It’s after all based on the well received GRR and having good visibility added to it is a bonus to us who run under the moonlight. The photo above only manages to capture an approximate effect of the glow. For a better idea, head on to Happiefeet’s blog where he posted several better photos.

The GOrun Ride Nite Owl will be in-stores soon and will retail for RM429 for the men’s version and RM399 for the women’s version.

Disclaimer: The GRR 2 Nite Owl is a review pair kindly provided by Skechers Malaysia. Opinions stated are my own after over 100K logged in them.

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