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Kasumigaura Marathon 2016

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31st Marathon and my 6th Consecutive GCAM. Race report here.


Shoe Review: Skechers GOmeb Speed 2 New York Limited Edition

With several long runs coming up, I was keeping an eye out for shoes that offer some measure of comfort while retaining that roomy toebox and low heel offset, namely the GOultra and GOrun Ride 3. So when the WhatsApp message from Skechers showed a entirely different shoe, I was really caught by surprise.

I’ve seen several photos of Meb wearing the gold color version of the Speed 2 and thought it was only produced for him. Little did I know that the Skechers GOmeb Speed 2 New York Limited Edition (GS2) would be produced in very limited quantities worldwide, something like in the hundreds. In the ASPAC region, only 40 were allocated and you could say that I’m one lucky fella.

The new and old.

Essentially the GS2 shares the same GOspeed (review here) DNA. Fast, responsive and snug fitting. There are, however, small changes here and there that would make the wear experience a better one, IMHO. Let’s get on with it. Warning: There’s no unboxing video here because unlike GPS watches, the objective of a shoe review is merely to get it out of the box and start running in them. The proof is in the wear experience. I also don’t know how an “unboxing review” works. A post is either of an unboxing or a review. As far as I know, one can’t “review an unboxing” hahaha! Anyways, this isn’t an grammar blog because I do commit atrocious errors as well. :D

The upper sees the biggest changes. The open mesh and synthetic overlays have been replaced by thinly welded ones. The mesh is now more closed than the earlier version while the material used for the tongue is somewhat like neoprene, although I suspect it isn’t. Despite the closer stitching and construction, the shoe retains a large measure of breathability. I’ve worn the shoe a few times with no issues of overheating and hotspots. I’m looking forward to testing it out on a MP 30K.

The GS2 has a Resalyte midsole which I suspect has been re-tweaked to ride a little softer. It was apparent right from the moment you slide your foot in. The size of the DuPont Hytrel stability plate has been reduced and that probably contributed to the more forgiving experience. Another plus is in the area of flexibility which sees a welcome improvement. Finally, the outsole has the same number of sensors with the same placements of rubber plugs.

Now, here comes the big difference. I’ve had to go up a full size to US10 in the GS2. Fellow runner Nick also had to upsize, so I’d strongly suggest trying out the shoes before buying. Interestingly, as you can see from the following photos, the weight increase is only 0.2oz despite the full size increase (sockliners are not removable). Which means that, given the same size, the GS2 would probably be a shade lighter than the original.

I’ve only worn the GS2 for a couple of short runs and I can’t wait to take them longer. Over 10Ks, the shoe is still a fast ride, quite impossible to go slow in them, like strapping yourself in a performance car. It’s a lot more comfortable than the first version and very wearable for races up to the half marathon. I like a bit more cushioning in my shoes, and I’ve found that the original is a bit too stiff and hard for my liking. This version is just about right and I’m hoping it’s suitable for a slowpoke marathoner like me for the 42K. If you’ve worn and liked the original GOspeed, you’ll like the GS2.

Disclaimer: The Skechers GOmeb Speed 2 New York Limited Edition is a review pair kindly provided by Skechers Malaysia. Opinions stated are my own.

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