Nagano Marathon Race Report

A short a trip to Japan but what a trip it was as I caught the Sakura season and there was a marathon too! Read about the race here.

Gear Reviews

All the reviews here...

Trans Nuang 2013

5 runners. 42km. 16 hours. Elevation gain 2,878 meters / 9,442 feet. All here.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 Race Report

After a long long wait, I finally nailed it. Full story here...



Welcome to! This blog is basically an extension of myself where I ramble on my passions in running and photography.

I’m based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, managing IT projects during the day while pursuing my passions during my spare time. I also co-facilitate RunnersMalaysia’s (of which I’m also a co-founder) Beginners Running Program, a community project to get ordinary folks off the couch.As partner of RunnersMalaysia, I’ve been involved in various roles supporting numerous running events in the Klang Valley including the 2012 and 2013 MPIB Run, Institute of Engineers Run, UOB Run, the upcoming Makna Founder’s Run and the Malaysian Women Marathon.

I’ve been a runner for most of my life, even if I ran my first half marathon when I was 15, on a dare by my father. Thinking back, it was a decent race for me finishing in around 2:10. It was until many years later when to celebrate the first of my elder son (I’ve 2) I ran my first marathon in 2003 in Singapore. It was memorable for all the wrong reasons and I suffered like crazy, finishing over 5:35. Since then, I’ve run 21 marathons (latest being the 2012 Osaka Marathon last November) and 2 50Ks, and have been published in the Malaysia editions of FHM, Men’s Health and Esquire. Highlight races include the 2008 ING NYC Marathon (4:03) and the 2012 Tokyo Marathon. I’ve tried to dip below the 4-hour mark for the longest time but my lifestyle has always been a challenging aspect of stringing together a consistent training period. Other than the Beginners Running Program which have seen many progressed to the marathon distance, I’m also the Running Lab (a sports retail chain store) Run Leader where I lead a group run session every Tuesday at the KLCC Park.I’ve also conducted running clinics for 2 MNCs. Present projects are training for the 2012 Gold Coast Airport Marathon and leading the group training for the same event.

I picked up photography in April of 2009 to provide me with a creative outlet and have grown to enjoy it – I find it really therapeutic. The gallery section of my site has some of my works.

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