Gear Reviews: Shoes, Books and More

Head on to this page before buying your next pair of running shoes or gear.

Standard Chartered KL Marathon Race Recap

A marathon and then some. Read the event day recap.

Trans Nuang 2013

5 runners. 42km. 16 hours. Elevation gain 2,878 meters / 9,442 feet. All here.


People & Street

One of the most fulfilling genre of photography for me is the people and street photography. Maybe it’s because of the challenging nature of this form of photography that makes successful captures so rewarding. I like to interact with the subjects and in doing so are rewarded with some of my personal favourite photographs. I also find it thrilling to be embedded into the environment and taking time to soak in the surroundings, yet seeing everything as wide-eyed as a traveller.

Here are some of my captures. This collection is an evolving one as I search for more opportunities to go for photowalks where more adventures await.

Click to start slideshow!

Click to start slideshow!

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