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Standard Chartered KL Marathon Race Recap

A marathon and then some. Read the event day recap.

Trans Nuang 2013

5 runners. 42km. 16 hours. Elevation gain 2,878 meters / 9,442 feet. All here.


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1/6: Flip # 1

Note: I somehow missed out this post, which remained in Draft. It was supposed to have been the first post in the series.

I was clearing up the office drawers of old stuff (antiques in IT years) comprising of storage tapes, all of which are overdue for destruction. A little light bulb came on and I decided to have some fun with these 1.44MB disks. Fished out the phone and toyed around with some filters and the results will be posted over here ove rthe new few days. None of them will make it to the gallery of course, but it’s just me slowly getting back in touch with my creative side.

6/6: Flip # 2

5/6: Focus

4/6: Going Separate Ways

3/6: Look Into My Eye

2/6: Teaser

Returning to iPhone Photo Projects

With the lower volume of running (life has been ridiculously busy), I’m able to return to a little mobile photography. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, mobile photography refers to photography using mobile phones. Smartphone cameras these days are so decent these days that some pros are event earning their keep on this platform. So the next few posts will be on a series which I’ve recently concluded.




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