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Kasumigaura Marathon 2016

When \\\\\\\"blustery\\\\\\\" wasn\\\\\\\'t even the right word. Read the race report here!

31st Marathon and my 6th Consecutive GCAM. Race report here.


Running Calculators

This is a jump page to the running-related calculators out there. The embedded Jack Daniels’ calculator is used with permission. Disclaimer: All the calculators referenced in this page are not designed by me and I lay no claim to any form of ownership to the tools.

Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator Calculators
Pace/Time/Distance Calculator, Pace Charts, Pace Wristband Creator, Race Result Predictor, and many more. [link]

McMillan Running Calculator
Head here to work out your goal paces. [link]

Pete Magill Base Training [link]


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