Nagano Marathon Race Report

A short a trip to Japan but what a trip it was as I caught the Sakura season and there was a marathon too! Read about the race here.

Gear Reviews

All the reviews here...

Trans Nuang 2013

5 runners. 42km. 16 hours. Elevation gain 2,878 meters / 9,442 feet. All here.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 Race Report

After a long long wait, I finally nailed it. Full story here...


Sports Companies Read This!

Have a new cutting edge running gear you’re launching? Or planning an awareness campaign for your Fall Season shoe collection? Or getting word out over the social media channel by having experienced product triallers?

Contact me!

With loads of product reviews under my belt, I provide detailed and technical yet layman-approved report of your product from a runner’s viewpoint. The reviews listed here are just some of those I’ve done over the years.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jamie Pang

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