Nagano Marathon Race Report

A short a trip to Japan but what a trip it was as I caught the Sakura season and there was a marathon too! Read about the race here.

Gear Reviews

All the reviews here...

Trans Nuang 2013

5 runners. 42km. 16 hours. Elevation gain 2,878 meters / 9,442 feet. All here.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 Race Report

After a long long wait, I finally nailed it. Full story here...


Race Reports

After 6 years, I finally broke 4 hours in the marathon this year (2014). Which pretty much confirms that one can train smarter and race faster as one gets older. Up to a point, of course. I think 3:58.55 can be lowered, so the next 5 marathons should be interesting.

Best times:

  • 3K (track) – 13:18 (PACM Time Trials ’05)
  • 5K – 24:22 (Bangkok ’05)
  • 7K – 36:18 (World AIDS Day ’96)
  • 10K – 47:46 (Shape Night Run 2015)
  • 15K – 1:18.48 (NB PACM ’08)
  • Half Marathon – 1:48.28 (RMAF Half ’08)
  • 30K – 2:50.19 (ING NYC Marathon ’08)
  • 42K – 3:58.55 (Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014)
  • KLCC 1.3km (1 Lap)- 5:11.83 (May’06)
  • KLCC 2.6km (2 Laps)- 11:39 (Jun’06)
  • KLCC 3.9km (3 Laps)- 19:17 (Apr’05)
  • KLCC 6.5km (5 Laps)- 33:29 (Aug’04)
  • KLCC 10.4km (8 Laps)- 54:51.93 (Jul 13’05)
  • KLCC 13km (10 Laps)- 1:14.00 (Apr 6’05)
  • KLCC 17km (13 Laps)- 1:43.59 (Jan 5’05)

Do also check out my account of notable races I’ve ran. I’ve ran many but the races that will be featured here are stand-outs, in terms of size, prestige/history, race management and preparation and personal investment that went into it. Running PRs at these races are icing on the cake.

There are several must-dos races and they will be added to this site once I’ve accomplished them. The reason for running these (read my 2008 ING NYC Marathon report here) are more for the experiences than for the timing. These are some of my bucket list races (in no particular order). Those that I’ve done have links to the respective race reports:
1. Gold Coast Marathon (2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014)
2. Tokyo Marathon (2012)
3. 2010 The North Face 100 Duo (Singapore)
4. STY
5. Nagano Marathon
6. London Marathon
7. 2011 Twilight Ultra Challenge
8. Berlin Marathon
9. Chicago Marathon
10. Osaka Marathon
11. Kobe Marathon
12. Kyoto Marathon
13. Nara Marathon
14. Mt. Fuji Marathon
15. Okinawa Marathon
16. Nagoya Maratho
17. Hokkaido Marathon
18. Comrades Marathon
19. Seoul Marathon
20. Chiang Mai Marathon

If race reports are not what interests you, perhaps some shoe reviews then? Many models are not the latest but it’s still interesting to see the evolution of running shoes.

Jamie Pang

2 Responses to Race Reports

  1. Mariko says:

    I just found your blog while looking for information on the Osaka Marathon. You are certainly an international marathoner! I have been to Japan a number of times and have participated in shorter races there, but I’d like to plan a trip there to do a marathon and try to drag some of my U.S.-based friends there. The two most obvious choices are Osaka or Tokyo, but perhaps there are others? I would like a marathon that is fun (entertaining and scenic with good weather). Any suggestions? Thanks!

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